Flight Deck Cafe

Our Cafe is currently open 7 days a week between 10am and 3pm.  

We have a well-stocked cafe on site and viewing area making it perfect for friends and family to accompany you on your experience day.

Cafe Menu

Hot Food

Sandwiches   (brown or white bread)          

Sausage                                                        £3.00

Sausage with plum tomato splash            £3.20

Bacon                                                             £3.00

Bacon with plum tomato splash                 £3.20

Additional egg                                              £0.50

Chips                                                              £2.50

Cheesy chips                                                £3.00

Chips and beans                                          £3.00

Sausage, chips and beans                         £4.00

Assorted Panini                                           £3.50

Baked Potatoes  from                                £2.50

Chilled Food

Sandwiches  (brown or white bread)

Egg Mayonnaise                                           £3.00

Tuna and mayonnaise                                 £3.00

Ham                                                                £3.00

Ham salad                                                     £3.50 

Cheese and onion                                        £3.00

Cheese Salad                                               £3.50

Hot drinks are available from the coffee machine. Please order Tea from the service hatch             £2.00

A selection Cold drinks are available in our reception with choice of chocolate and crisps.

Please let us know of any allergies so we can advise you on your choice.

Approval Certificates


Avgas (100LL) & Jet A1 are available 9am-5pm daily.

Outside of these hours by arrangement only.
Call for up-to-date fuel prices.